Me? A blogger?

I’ve been told a few times by a couple people I admire in my life that I should start a blog. And many of my friends have started blogs that I LOVE to read.

But I’m a communications arts major with an emphasis in journalism and blogs are basically ruining editorial content in newspaper.

So I wasn’t going to start a blog.

But… here I am.

I’ve been debating with idea of a blog for about a year now and have finally come to the conclusion that a blog is just another platform to get my name out in the writing world, and that’s not going to hurt me, I hope.

Putting yourself out into the world with something like a blog, where feedback can be so immediate, is terrifying. (So terrifying that I’ve only told two people in my life about the possibility of starting one because I’m scared of the idea.) But I talk about the virtue of courage often in my life and want to live it out.

So, I have two goals for this blog:

  1. I want to share my faith in a bigger way. (Right now, I write a monthly column for The West Nebraska Register and will continue to do that, but this will be another avenue to share my faith.)
  2. I want to be able to use this blog to share my thoughts and opinions on various topics. (Is this a selfish goal? Probably, but I’m not settling on that answer for sure yet.)

So… I got into journalism originally because I wanted to be a sports reporter, because I simply love sports. But my topics for my writings have expanded since going to college and I’ve decided there are three things I love to write about most:

  1. My Catholic faith
  2. Still sports, especially baseball/softball
  3. My family

You can probably expect one of those three things to be in almost every post I make.

So…basically this is where I’m at in my life right now…


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