Here come the tears

I remember when I was about 10 years old, my family and I were visiting some friends who live in Iowa and when we left and I realized we were leaving them, I didn’t stop crying, for like hours, if I remember correctly.
Every time I leave my home to come back to school, I cry, for like hours.
When my friends leave to go home from college at the end of the semester, I cry, for like hours.
I cried my entire way through my senior year of high school knowing I was going to leave my classmates.
I am the first to cry at weddings, the first to cry at graduations, the first to cry at funerals, the first to cry at movies (happy or sad), and the first to cry during Mass.
So, you get it. I’m a cry baby. That is the truth, but not the point of this post.
I have always had a hard time saying goodbye to anyone and everyone, and I’ve always been pretty emotional. I used to be better at hiding it, but now it’s like I have no control over the tears.
In two days, there are at least five of my most important friends graduating from college, (plus a few others who will be going away to student teach) and then they are moving on, and who knows if I will see them again. I mean we all say we are going to try and we all swear we will visit, but will we really?
That’s what makes me cry.
My friend and I the other day were randomly talking about funerals and he told me that funerals are really just selfish events. Those people who died are in a much better place that we are so there is really no reason to be sad for them. And when you think about it, he’s right. (He’s a pretty smart guy.)
Crying for people who have died is selfish. They are in Heaven. Crying for my friends who are graduating is selfish. They accomplished a huge task.
But, if those people were important to you, those who died or those who are graduating or whatever, it’s ok to be sad and it’s ok to cry. You are going to miss those people, and that’s ok to miss them.
“Sometimes people have to cry out all the tears to make room for a heart full of smiles,” One Tree Hill quote.
So, I cry. A lot. Big deal. Sometimes it’s necessary to let all the tears out to release the pressure. So that’s why I cry.
“It’s hard when you miss people. But, you know, if you miss them, it means you were lucky,” another One Tree Hill quote.
I’m lucky beyond belief. And I just wanted to thank all those people who make me cry when I leave them. Thank you to my family for making it hard to leave home, to my friends for making it hard to leave school, and to everyone for making me feel supported and welcomed no matter where I am.
And, congratulations to everyone graduating from college this weekend. I couldn’t be prouder of you. And to all my friends leaving me today and tomorrow for the summer, I’ll miss you, and I’ll be super excited to see you again in the fall.



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