It’s not easy, but goodbye

I’ve used this quote in at least one other blog post, but it truly is one of my favorite quotes, mainly because I am so lucky.

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard,” —Winnie the Pooh.

Tonight is my last night at home. I leave for my senior year at Chadron State College tomorrow, and although my parents and brother are going with me to help me move in, I’m sad to be leaving. And I know I’ve talked about home in another blog also, but it’s important for me to say it again.

Chadron is a beautiful town and a wonderful school and I have lots of friends there to help it feel like home, but nothing truly compares to the home I grew up in.

My parents growing up didn’t let me do everything I wanted to do, but they definitely were loving and caring. They were always looking out for what was best for me and my future. They instilled hard work, courage, faith, and love in my character.

My younger brother is my biggest role model and inspiration. I’m so proud of everything he does and I love watching him accomplish all that he has in his short 17 years of life.

The town I grew up in was supportive and encouraging. I didn’t personally know everyone in this town growing up, but I did recognize everyone in this town.

This town and this house will forever be my home, no matter how far away I go later in life. This town, just like my parents, created my personality and character and I know I would be a different person had I grown up anywhere else.

Leaving my home is never easy, especially when it means leaving my family, but I am excited to get back to school and finish out my final year.

So this is just a short blog post, just like my short stay at home (only 2 weeks, boo…), but I just wanted to once again acknowledge how lucky I am because it is hard to say goodbye.

So to my family (and this town), thank you, I love you, I’ll miss you, and see you on my next journey home (probably when I come watch those Wildcats play some football).


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