Month: April 2017

Welcome Home, Finally!

Jessica… she should write for The Eagle…

God who saves

Happy Easter!! This Easter was like many previous, but yet was so different. This year at the Easter vigil (aka the most beautiful Mass of the year!) One of my best friends, Geena, I have met here in college joined the church. To help welcome her home, I decided to stay in my college town instead of going home for Easter. This weekend was the first holiday I have spent away from my family at home, but let me tell you how at home I truly felt.

18010630_1115676498538883_8571033747750422228_n Welcome home Geena!

One of my favorite parts of Easter vigil has always been starting in the dark and then providing light by candles. Last year, God blessed me with a beautiful reflection on how we are the light of the world. This year, as the server lit my friend’s candle, he lit mine, and I lit my friend on the other side…

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